As a part of Baltic’s acclaimed Bicompax collection, Baltic Bicompax Black pays a blend of 1940s vintage style and art-deco effects. The black dial, with two sub-dials and matte sandblasted finish for the rest of the dial, all offers excellent aesthetics and completes the watch’s dressiness. Explore Baltic Strap Guide from Handdn to get the best strap for your Bicompax Black.

For this Bicompax Black, a leather strap in a neutral tone, such as grey or black really works well. These colors mostly are classic but they will seamlessly blend with the dial, creating a cohesive and sophisticated appearance. The rich, supple texture of leather strap complements the durable and comfortable and will age overtime, developing a unique patina.

Grey Ostrich Leather

The combination of a Grey ostrich leather watch strap and the Baltic Bicompax Black watch creates a stunning, sophisticated pairing. Crafted from the finest Ostrich leather, this strap features a captivating blend of the grey color, showcasing the distinctive quill pattern that is the hallmark of this exquisite material.

The use of contrasting grey tones on the strap adds depth and visual interest, perfectly complementing the bold, minimalist black design of the Baltic Bicompax watch. The Grey strap provides a dramatic backdrop, while the Dark Grey accents draw the eye and add a touch of subtle elegance.

Black Shark Leather

Crafted from the finest Shark leather, this strap exudes a unique, textured appearance and an durability that sets it apart from traditional leather options. Shark leather is prized for its distinctive, scale-like pattern and exceptional resistance to wear and tear. 

The deep, inky black hue of the Black Shark leather strap creates a dramatic contrast against the equally striking black dial and case of the Baltic Bicompax watch. This harmonious pairing of dark tones result in a timepiece that is both visually striking and effortlessly sophisticated.

Fixed Bars Black Shell Cordovan Leather

The Fixed Bars Black Shell Cordovan leather watch strap is the perfect pairing to the bold black dial of Baltic Bicompax. Shell Cordovan is renowned for its deep and lustrous color, smooth structure that exudes an incredible elegance.

The fixed bars design of the strap provides a secure and comfortable for the natural curves of the wrist throughout the day. This pairing of the Baltic Bicompax Black watch and the Fixed Bars Black Shell Cordovan leather strap always maintains an air of refined luxury.

Dark Grey Saffiano Leather

The Dark Grey Saffiano leather provides a sleek contrast to the bold black dial of the Baltic Bicompax Black watch. Together, this grey leather strap and black Blatic watch create a stylish pairing. Saffiano Calfskin is a durable and supple material that provides both eye-catching look and great quality, keeps the overall look refined and elegant. This combination, minimalist design and high-quality material make the Dark Grey Saffiano a truly appealing strap.

Light Grey Epsom Leather

Epsom Leather is a highly sought-after material famous for its grain texture and exceptional durability. The Light Grey hue of the strap creates a perfect contrast against the deep and black of the watch case, resulting in an elegant pairing. The high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in the strap, provides a long-lasting that will continue to impress for years to come. The Light Grey Epsom ensures a matching with the Baltic Bicompax Black watch, making a harmonious appearance that is sure to captivate the watch enthusiast.

For those seeking to elevate the Baltic Bicompax Black with a leather strap that truly does it justice, the Baltic Strap Guide from Handdn is an excellent and highly reference. The Handdn’s timeless appeal leather and high-quality craftsmanship make it an ideal companion for this striking dial.


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