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Introduction 3D Custom Watch Strap

To better serve our customers and provide an even greater product experience, HANDDN is excited [...]

Folded Edge Watch Strap: Innovation in Watch Strap 

Folded Edge watch strap known as a type of watch strap that has a folded [...]

The Remarkable Evolution of NATO Watch Strap

Nato watch strap is a single, continuous piece of leather material. Unlike traditional watch straps [...]

Rally Watch Strap Style: The Blend of Functionality and Style

Rally watch strap, also called after racing watch strap, is style of watch strap that [...]

The journey of crafting a watch strap for a completely new watch brand – “Deep Space” from OG watches

Oliver Gallaugher (OG watches), a 32-year-old self-taught designer from Bristol, UK, was inspired by his [...]

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Weaving Looms Art Carving Watch Strap

weaving looms art carving watch straps are a unique and beautiful way to add a [...]

Honeycomb Carving Watch Strap – Bespoke for Sir.Roni Madhvani

Bespoke for Sir.Roni Madhvani - Introducing the latest addition to the world of luxury watch [...]