About Us

The road to becoming a bespoke watch strap brand, Beloved by watch collectors – the top vintage community!

Among the many major watch band brands, long-time and independent craftsmen! I am extremely pleased and grateful to you for choosing our watch strap – HANDDN.

To be honest, our watch straps aren’t exactly sublime or absolutely perfect! But the starting point is a watch lover and passionate fan of craftsmanship (There were periods from 2016 to 2018 where I spent at least 15 hours on a maximum of 24 hours allowed to practice, compose and burn with a passion) So much so that now when I think back on that time, my heart still burns with an indescribable emotion!

With that love of watch band! What I want to bring to you is not just a set of watchstrap with rigid specifications, but what I want you to feel when owning a set of Handdn watch bands is the same as mine. Emotions merge into one with each person’s unique watch and style!

“ Thank you again ! Your straps are always the best and you make buying them a pleasure ! Jason Dewillers – Handdn verified customer”.

  • Yes, that is exactly the mission of HANDDN.
  • I have now built a team of artisans who are my excellent students. To look forward to serving you even more now and in the future.
  • I am nominally a watchmaker and passionately passionate about it. Assure you that the ordering experience at HANDDN is always the pinnacle of emotions.
  • Order the fastest MTO: 6->12/days.
  • Fastest delivery by DHL : 3->6 days.
  • Highest quality products (high-quality precision and perfect with your watch).

The best feelings (Interact with us for a bespoke experience).