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Explore Handdn’s exquisite collection of handmade watch straps. With nearly 30 types of premium leather and over 500 stunning colors sourced from the world’s leading tanneries, you’re sure to find the perfect strap to complement your watch. Discover unmatched quality and style. find your ideal watch strap today.
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HANDDN is a globally recognized brand in the custom watch band industry, catering to the needs of the most discerning watch collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Our products are trusted and preferred by individuals who appreciate superior craftsmanship and exquisite design

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Introduction 3D Custom Watch Strap

To better serve our customers and provide an even greater product experience, HANDDN is excited to introduce the “3D Custom [...]


We changed all products price on July 5th

We are writing this letter to inform you of the upcoming change in our pricing structure. Starting from 05/07/2024, Handdn’s [...]

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Single Folding Strap Size Guide

n the world of fashion accessories, the HANDDN Single Folding Leather Strap shines as an embodiment of both style and [...]


Baltic Strap Guide: Leather Strap For Baltic Bicompax Black

For this Bicompax Black, a leather strap in a neutral tone, such as grey or black really works well. These [...]


HANDDN New Tang Buckle For Leather Watch Strap

A tang buckle allows you to easily adjust the fit of your watch strap by moving the tougue to different [...]


Recommend Leather Strap For Gold Watch Dial

However, pairing a gold watch with leather takes this classic to the next level. Let's see some recommended leather strap [...]

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Crafting Unique Watch Straps with Luxurious Shark Leather

Explore the unique appeal of shark leather watch strap, discover their history, characteristics, and compare shark leather with other exotic [...]


Detail About Cartier Santos Quickswitch Adapter Design

The Cartier Santos QuickSwitch adapter offers a versatile complement, allowing you to switch between straps in a matter of seconds.

Leather Knowledge

Embrace the Unique Charm of Crazy Horse Leather

Reowning for the special finish, Crazy Horse – a kind of cowhide leather which develops a beautiful patina over time, [...]


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