10 Year of Handdn

In 2014, I left my position as an engineer at a mobile communications company to pursue my passion for creating minimalist, high-quality leather accessories. Discovering my love for watches, I began creating my first leather watch straps. I dedicated as much time as possible to researching, practicing, and crafting watch straps in various styles and materials. This pursuit led to the birth of HANDDN, which is an abbreviation of “HAND” (handcrafted) and “DN” (Da Nang). I started training the first group of artisans, who are still with me to this day. Through their passion and dedication, we have built a team of highly skilled and professional artisans.

Over the past decade, which is not a short but not too long a journey, the HANDDN brand has become recognized by the luxury watch collector community. Still driven by my passion and the desire to provide the best watch straps to watch enthusiasts, HANDDN continues to strive and improve every day.

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As you may know, HANDDN’s “Bespoke Watch Strap” offering allows you to customize every aspect of your leather watch strap, from the design and color to the material and thickness. This product has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from our customers.
3D visualization himalayan alligator leather watch strap

3D Custom Watch Strap

Motivated by this support and a desire to enhance our offerings further, we have identified areas for improvement in the current Bespoke Watch Strap, such as complexity (for those less familiar with watch straps), lack of visual representation, and the highly manual nature of the process.

To better serve our customers and provide an even greater product experience, HANDDN is excited to introduce the “3D Custom Watch Strap”. This innovative solution seamlessly combines the craftsmanship of handmade watch straps with the power of modern technology. All of your personalized choices will be visually represented in a detailed 3D model, allowing you to see exactly what your finished strap will look like before placing your order.

Similar to 2D bespoke watch strap, you can find 12 strap styles for your watch. From basic styles like Classic, Single Folding,… to complex styles like Double Tours, NATO,… “3D custom watch strap” also allows you to customize the style and color of the watch, so that it is similar to the watch you own. You can also choose the shape of the watch: square or round, customize the color of the case, and the color of the dial.

With over 30 leathers and 500 colors, HANDDN’s watch strap possibilities are endless. Our 3D configurator brings your personalized design to life before you order. Select your leather and color, then instantly see a high-quality 3D model of the final product. Our advanced technology captures 90-95% of the actual texture and finish, ensuring the real thing matches your selection preview.

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Lining leather

HANDDN offers a variety of lining options as well – Epsom, Box, Alran Chevre, … and the default is Golden Zermatt. This is a high-quality material specifically designed for use as a watch strap lining. Its supple texture, exceptional durability, and hypoallergenic properties ensure maximum comfort on the wrist.

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Edge finishing

You can choose any color you want for the edge of the watch band, for example you want it to be blue to match the dial color of your watch. All these options will also be shown on the 3D model, so you can easily make your choice.

a craftman are stitching strap


With 5 distinct stitching styles and nearly 30 vibrant colors to choose from, HANDDN allow you to design a watch strap that perfectly complements your timepiece. Seeing your personalized strap design rendered in 3D brings you to clearly visualize the interplay of every component.

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Himalayan banner introduction 3d custom watch strap
remove quick release spring bar

Spring Bars

With the default quick release spring bars option, it helps your watch strap to be installed easily. Or if you want, you can also choose the traditional spring style, if you have the tool support for it.

fixed buckle on strap


HANDDN provides many buckle styles and colors option for you to choose from: Classic, Elegant, deployant… with both shiny and matte finish.

signature on zermatt golden


If you want a short message or simply want to have a personal mark by printing your or your loved one’s name on the back of the watch strap, Handdn will also support you with that.

And at the end is the “Note and Attach File” section, in this section you can “communicate” with HANDDN by leaving notes, attaching the image files you want for making your rope. Or simply a wish, thank you to the HANDDN team.

Everything is ready, just waiting for you.
Design your dreams watch straps. Let’s go!

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