Patina Brown Alligator Leather Watch Strap


Patina brown Alligator leather watch strap Classic 100% handmade custom straps by Vietnamese craftsmen

Alligator Leather’s main face with the most complex and emotional leather dyeing techniques! water-resistant and soft Zermatt specialized lining, absolute anti-irritant, Velodon specialized reinforced material (SH-220 reinforcement).

The HANDDN strap will come FREE with a tang buckle / Quick release spring bar.

  • Color:

    Brown Patina

  • Style:

    Classic Full Stitching Matching

  • Lug – Buckle:

    (18mm -14mm), (19mm – 16mm), (20mm – 16mm), (21mm – 18mm), (22mm – 18mm)

  • Length:

    Short Length 105 – 65, Regular 115 – 75, Long Length 125 – 85

  • Thickness:

    4.5mm – 2.0mm (Thickness gradually decreases from Lug to Buckle)

  • Padded:


Length Guide Lug Guide

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alligator leather handdn

Alligator Leather

Indulge in Luxury with the Alligator Leather Collection Crafted from the finest alligator leather from renowned tanning companies like Amtan, Henglong, and HCP, our collection offers the ultimate in luxury and style. Alligator leather has a timeless appeal and has been the preferred choice for luxury watch brands throughout history.

Alligator Leather Strap - An absolutely elegant set of straps for your style!

Watch Band Structure

Experience Durable Comfort with Alligator Leather Watch Strap

Our alligator leather watch strap features a water-resistant main face and soft Zermatt lining for comfort. The inner part is reinforced with Velodon SH-220 material for added stability. The included stainless steel buckle is designed for both durability and style, and the Quick Release Spring Bars allow for easy band changes in seconds. Enjoy a secure fit for all activities with our high-quality alligator leather watch strap.
Watch Band Structure - zermatt leather
Patina Brown Alligator Leather Watch Strap

Our Crafting Process

Our watch bands are meticulously crafted by a professional watch strap maker at every stage. The art of handmade watch band-making demands skill and experience, with multiple challenging steps from pattern cutting to edge painting and stitching. Each band is a unique masterpiece, showcasing the maker's dedication and attention to detail. Upgrade your watch with the timeless beauty of a handmade watch band.

Safeguard Your Watch Strap with Handdn's Packaging

Preserve Your Purchase Handdn's watch bands are packaged with care in a blue Slider Box. Each product is wrapped in a shockproof paper bag and shipped with a cover zip transparent to guard against moisture, dust, and scratches during transportation. Ensure the longevity of your purchase with Handdn's conscientious packaging.
Handdn packing front
Handdn packing back

Shipping Zone

Order Value

Percentage Subsidy

(Excepted for Middle East)

(3-5 days)

(US$30 base cost)

Continental the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand

(3-5 days)

(US$35 base cost)


(3-6 days)

(US$39 base cost)

Middle East

(4-7 days)

(US$48 base cost)

Rest of World

(4-7 days)

(US$64 base cost)

< US$155 0% US$30.00 US$35.00 US$39.00 US$39.50 US$64.00
US$155 – US$315
15% US$25.50 US$29.50 US$33.00 US$33.50 US$54.00
US$315 – US$450 30% US$21.00 US$24.50 US$27.00 US$27.50 US$45.00
> US$450 100% Free Free Free Free Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Oliver Canins (Bolzano, IT)

the qualiti is bad. is rubber inside!!!!!!

Mark Burby (Singapore, SG)
Poor quality and very different colour

Very disappointed with the quality and colour. Very different to the picture. The leather cut was very poor - yes it is a natural product but the selection was very low quality. There is a natural crease along the hole line which will weaken the holes and split easily. The brown stain was very dark. Very different to the patina brown advertised. Again, I expect minor variations as this is a natural product but feel it represents poor workmanship.

Chris Angle (New York, US)

Amazing craftsmanship. A pleasure to work with as well. Would buy another strap in a heartbeat.

Javor Jordanov (Chicago, US)
Watch strap

It’s look very good, so far. Let’s see how it will deal with the time! One problem is a it getting thinner all along, I was expecting it to be as a original one, equally wide along the entire length!

mikael sköldborg (Stockholm, SE)

Super happy with my new strap!

Carl Everitt (Sammamish, US)
alligator strap

Very nicely made, I will order from them again

Jacob shafran (Miami, US)
Beautiful strap

The brown patina is amazing on the watch.

Chester Dow (Dallas, US)
Handsome watch band

Seems well made. Looks the same as advertised. I removed the buckle and installed a butterfly deployment clasp. Less wear and tear on the strap when putting the watch on and taking it off.

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