What is Tang Buckle?

Tang buckle is a classic style of watch strap buckle. It is made up of a small rectangular metal frame with a single prong or “tongue” that slides through the holes on the watch strap to fasten the strap. The tongue is attached to fit into the nearest hole of the strap that most comfortably fit around the wrist. This allows you to easily adjust the fit tight or loose the strap as needed.

HANDDN New Tang Buckle – Elegant Buckle

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The Handdn’s Team is always looking for ways to help our customers elevate the style of their favorite timepieces. That’s why we’re excited to release our newest tang buckle design – Elegant buckle that featuring elegance and aesthetic. Let’s see what the Handdn Elegant buckles have:

  • Slim, compact design for smooth and modest looking
  • Made from stainless stell for durabilty and a premium feel
  • The HANDDN logo is engraved on the backside of the buckle
handdn tang buckle
  • Secure locking mechanism to keep your strap firmly in place
  • Available in three colors: silver, gold, rose gold and two finish options are matte and shinny
handdn tang buckle
  • Buckle size: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm

Now, you can choose these new buckle options in listed products or at HANDDN the bespoke watch strap page.

Handdn new tang buckle

Why You Should Use A Tang Buckle?

Simple Design

The tang buckle is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly watch strap closure designs. The single tongue mechanism is easy to operate – just slide it through the nearest hole in the strap to fasten it.

Secure Fit

The tougue fits snugly into the strap holes, keeping the strap firmly around your wrist. This prevents the strap from slipping or coming undone unexpectedly.

Adjustable Sizing

Tang buckles allow you to easily adjust the fit of your watch strap by moving the tougue to different holes. This makes it easy to get a custom, comfortable fit, even as your wrist size go up and down.

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