A watch clasp is an important part of the watch’s overall design. It provides a secure and comfortable fit, and it also adds a touch of style to the watch. When choosing a watch, it is important to consider the type of watch clasp that you want.

Type of Watch Clasp

Cartier Watch Clasps

The tang buckle is a traditional watch clasp design. It features a metal buckle with a pin that passes through a hole in the watch strap. The pin is then secured by a small metal loop.

The folding clasp is another popular option for Cartier watches. It consists of a single, long metal bar that folds over itself to secure the watch strap. The clasp is held in place by a small spring-loaded pin. To open the clasp, the pin is pressed, allowing the metal bar to unfold and release the strap.

Blancpain Watch Clasps

Blancpain is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that has been producing high-quality timepieces since 1735. Blancpain buckles are an essential part of the brand’s identity, and they play a vital role in the overall look and feel of its watches. Blancpain offers two types of tang buckles:

  • Tang buckle for small hole: This type of watch clasp is designed for straps with small holes. It is typically used on dressy watches, as it provides a more elegant and refined look.
  • Tang buckle for big hole: This type is designed for straps with large holes. It is typically used on sporty watches, as it is more durable and secure.
  • Folding buckle: This type of watch clasp consists of two pieces of metal that are connected by a hinge. It is the most common type of folding buckle, and it is found on a wide variety of watches.
  • Folding buckle with hole: This type of watch clasp is similar to the standard folding buckle, but it has a small hole in the center. The hole allows the strap to be adjusted for a more comfortable fit.

Patek Philippe Watch Clasps

  • Tang Buckle: The Patek Philippe tang buckle is a secure and comfortable watch buckle. Patek Philippe tang buckle is the most common buckle that match different watches and personal tastes.
  • Folding clasp: This is a common type of watch clasp, and it is found on a wide variety of Patek Philippe watches. It consists of two metal flaps that fold over each other and are secured by a small clasp. Fold-over clasps are easy to use and included the logo.

IWC Watch Clasp

IWC has a long history of innovation in watchmaking, and their clasps reflect this commitment to excellence. Here are some type of IWC watch clasps:

Tang buckle – the most popular clasp for almost watch enthusiatist. 

Folding Clasp: It’s easy to operate and is often found on casual or entry-level IWC watches.

Panerai Watch Clasps

One of the most popular Panerai buckles is the pin buckle. Panerai pin buckles are often engraved with the Panerai logo or other decorative elements.

Another popular Panerai clasp is the folding clasp. Folding clasps are more complex than pin buckles, but they offer a more secure and comfortable fit. The buckle is attached to the strap, and the clasp folds over the buckle to secure the watch to the wrist.

Rolex Watch Clasp

Rolex watch clasps are renowned for their quality and security. This brand uses various types of watch clasp, aech designed to provide a comfortable and convenient fit for different watch models and wearer’s preferences. There are some types of Rolex watch clasp: Oysterlock Clasp, Glidelock Clasp, Fliplock Clasp, Jubilee Clasp, President Clasp, PCL Links.

Omega Watch Clasp

There are two main types of Omega watch clasps: tang buckles and folding clasps. 


Choosing the right watch clasp depends on your demand and the style of your watch. With the various options, you will find a watch clasp that is not only compatible with your dial but also complement its appearance.

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