Golden epsom fixed bars watch strap

Few watches in the world are as rare and challenging to manufacture as those with a welded shoulder directly attached to the case. These watches were traditionally paired with a single-part NATO bracelet, but this option lacks the elegance of classic bracelets. Fortunately, HANDDN’s fixed bars watch strap provides a solution to this issue, enhancing the overall appearance of the watch.

What is a fixed bars watch strap?

A fixed bars watch band is a type of watch strap that is attached to the watch case using fixed bars. Fixed bars are typically welded or cast directly to the watch case, unlike spring bars, which are removable. The use of fixed bars ensures that the watch strap is securely attached to the watch case, preventing the watch from accidentally falling off your wrist.

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Types of watch using fixed bars

Compared to spring bars, fixed bars offer several advantages. For one, fixed bars are more durable than spring bars since they cannot be easily removed. Additionally, fixed bars watch straps provide a sleeker, more streamlined look since there are no visible gaps between the watch case and the strap.

Features of Handdn fixed bars

945 silver clamp

The clamp on Handdn’s fixed bars is made of 945 silver, which is a type of silver alloy that contains 94.5% silver and 5.5% copper. This makes the clamp extremely tough and resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, the 945 silver clamp gives the watch strap an elegant and luxurious look.

Wire-making skills of the Handdn artisans

Handdn’s fixed bars are handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans who specialize in wire-making. The team uses traditional wire-making techniques to create intricate and detailed designs on the watch straps. This gives each watch strap a unique and artistic look, making it a true work of art.

Durability and elegance of Handdn fixed bars watch strap

The combination of the 945 silver clamp and the wire-making skills of the Handdn artisans results in a watch strap that is both durable and elegant. The watch strap can withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear, while still looking stylish and sophisticated.

Instructions for using the fixed bars watch strap

Last step: After you follow this instruction video above, once the strap is wrapped around the watch bar push the metal clips back through the open end of the strap and press the ends down towards each other so that the clip holds the strap end together.

For extra security you can add a little glue such as SuperGlue to the end of the strap before flattening down the clips. This will further ensure that the strap will stay in place, although you will not be able to remove it again without damaging the strap.

With a clamp made of tough 945 silver it can be opened and closed with ease.

The beauty of Handdn fixed bars watch straps

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