Explore the world of luxury and rarefaction with Handdn’s exclusive Patina Brown Alligator Leather watch strap. Crafted by experienced artisans with a passion for detail, each strap undergoes a dyeing 100% by hand process to get the rich patina brown color. 

Creating Patina Brown Watch Strap

The journey of creating this Patina Brown Watch Strap begins with selecting the finest alligator leather, each leather only makes 2-3 straps. The leather is carefully checked to ensure the best hides are chosen for the strap, guaranteeing a perfect completion that exudes a lap of luxury.

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Skilled craftsmen then undertake on applying the dye by hand, layer by layer, allowing the rich patina brown hue to seep into the depths of the leather. This process not only ensures a uniform finish but also enhances the natural beauty of the alligator leather, creating a stunning visual effect that is both elegance and luxury.

Because dye 100% by hand, each Patina Brown watch strap will be completed with a different shade, this key point helped patina color become unique and wearers can own their only one strap in over the world.

Special Color – Patina Acorn

The special patina brown color of alligator leather – Patina Acorn is achieved through the skill of Handdn’s craftsmen. This strap is carefully dyed to perfection, resulting in a finish that looks like the beautiful color of an acorn. That is why the name of this color is “Patina Acorn” – reminiscent of the warm tones of an acorn. This attention to details ensures that your timepiece will stand out from the rest, making a unique appearance.

Made from high-quality genuine alligator leather, each piece is carefully chosen so our Patina Brown watch strap is not only stunning but also durable and comfortable to wear. Alligator leather is known for the strength and luxurious texture, ensuring that the strap withstand the test of time, making it a standout accessory for any occasion.


Experience the luxury and elegance with Handdn’s Patina Brown watch strap, where skilled specialist craftsmanship and premium materials come together to create an accessory that is as individual as you are. It’s time to upgrade your style and enhance your dial with this exquisite strap.

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