Alran Chevre Sully Handdn
Alran Chevre Sully Handdn

When it comes to luxury leather craftsmanship, France is the cradle of it all. Among the most famous tanners are Horween, renowned for their horse butt skin, and Alran, known for their exceptional goat skin leather. In fact, Handdn, a company that uses only the best leather materials for their products, currently uses two types of Alran Leathers, one of which is Alran Chevre Sully.

Something About Alran Tannery

Founded in 1903 by David Alran, south of Tarn in the picturesque setting of the “Montagne Noire” or black mountains, Alran S.A.S Tannery has developed extensive expertise in the tanning of goat, calf, and buffalo hides. Their team of passionate and skilled artisans produces leather products for a variety of industries, including upholstery, bookbinding, and footwear. They supply their products to some of the most prestigious brands and renowned manufacturers, as well as independent artisans and young designers who share their deep passion for leather.

Alran – The Best Tanner in France

In the 1980s, Alran turned to specialize in leather tanning and accessories production, earning them the title of the best tanner in France. Their specialties include smooth goat and calf skin, gilded, pearl or printed leather, goatskin and nubuck calf, and they use a variety of tanning techniques, reviving the tradition of herbal tanning.

What is Alran Chevre Sully?

Alran Chevre Handdn | Handdn - Bespoke Watchstraps
During the tanning process, tanners use surface-reducing techniques to remove scars or insect stings during the animal’s life. This makes the skin appear more even but the surface layer thickness is significantly reduced. poor quality leather.

Alran Chevre Sully is a line of goat leather produced by Alran SAS. It undergoes a tight 23-step process and takes more than 3 weeks to produce. It is herb-tanned, and has a unique texture that makes the leather more even and beautiful. The process involves many manual steps to produce a product with delicate color and excellent softness. Goat leather is highly durable, lighter in weight than cow leather, and as soft as sheepskin. Its embossed texture makes it look luxurious and trendy, and the tanners use surface grinding techniques to remove scars or insect stings during the animal’s life, resulting in a smoother and more even surface.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alran Goatskin


Alran goatskin has many advantages, including its durability, lightweight, softness, and luxurious appearance. Its embossed texture and wide variety of colors make it highly desirable for use in leather jackets, and it is also heat-resistant and waterproof.


Due to its many outstanding advantages, Alran goatskin is priced higher and therefore more picky about customers who use this leather line. Its softness also makes it difficult to shape, so those who work with goat skin must be highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Characteristics of Alran Chevre Sully

Is Alran Goatskin Waterproof?

Although Alran goatskin is absorbent, its ability to absorb water is very small due to the treatment it undergoes during the tanning process. When soiled, most stains can be treated with a gentle wiping with a damp cloth.

Does Alran Goatskin Burn?

Like any material, Alran goatskin will burn if exposed to fire. However, it will not burst into flames like imitation leather, but instead shrink and turn ash-colored. When burned, it will produce an odor similar to that of burned organic matter, which is similar to the smell of grilled meat due to the protein content of animal skin.

Alran Goat Leather Watch Strap

Alran goat leather is a popular choice for watch straps, offering a unique combination of beauty, durability, and sophistication. This type of leather is known for its softness, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. Alran goat leather watch straps also have a distinctive texture that adds depth and character to the overall look of the watch. With a range of colors and sizes available, watch collectors can choose from a variety of styles to suit their personal preferences and complement their watch collection.

Whether you’re looking for a classic black or brown strap or a more vibrant and eye-catching color, Alran goat leather watch straps offer a versatile and elegant option that is sure to impress. With its reputation as a top-quality tanner, Alran is a brand that delivers exceptional leather goods that are highly sought after by those who appreciate the art of luxury leather craftsmanship.

In conclusion, Alran Chevre Sully is an exceptional line of goat leather produced by Alran SAS, the best tanner in France. Its durability, softness, and luxurious appearance make it highly desirable, but it is also more

Some reminders when using Alran Chevre Sully

  • Do not leave them on the floor or in a damp place-
  • Do not use soap or detergent to clean-
  • Do not expose to high temperatures such as irons, hair dryers or heaters
  • They should be stored in soft bags to avoid scratches

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