"Deep Space" from OG watches
"Deep Space" from OG watches

Oliver Gallaugher is independent watch designer who works with some of the most talented watchmakers and reliable watch manufacturers in the world.

With knowledge, experience, passion, and particularly drawing inspiration from his family, he decided to create a new watch brand for himself, aiming to bring the best he could into a timepiece he poured his heart into. Of course, the watch strap is an essential part, and a great watch becomes even more perfect with a suitable strap. Among the countless watch strap brands worldwide, O.G trusted and chose HANDDN to craft the watch strap for his first-born soul.

So let’s explore the process of crafting a watch strap for “Deep Space” – the first series watch from O.G

O.G & a new watch brand and it’s first watch series “Deep Space”

Oliver Gallaugher Profile

Oliver Gallaugher, a 32-year-old self-taught designer from Bristol, UK, was inspired by his family’s enterprising spirit to delve into his passion for watches and create his brand. Through a journey of self-discovery in watchmaking, connecting with manufacturers, and refining design instincts, he now brings O.G to life. O.G collaborates with artisans globally, crafting unique neo-vintage and avant-garde watches, each with its own special theme.

“O.G watches are for people who follow their intuition and vision no matter what.” – O.G

Description of "Deep Space" from OG watches

“I imagined animating a watch’s dial without any moving parts, creating movement through texture and tone. I saw flashes of light and dark with a scattering of stars – deep space.” – O.G

Crafting a watch strap “Deep Space” process

strap and buckle in the "Deep Space" from OG watches

A lot of brands, when designing a watch, will simply pair it with a ready-made strap because it’s easy. There are numerous strap designs readily available to choose from.

Lugs width detail of "Deep Space" from OG watches

Why would you go to the extra effort of designing a strap from scratch? I genuinely want every OG watches to be special and unique. I believe that to achieve this, I have to consider every part of it equally. Thus, the design of the strap is just as important to me as the other components that make up the watch.

The Dial in the "Deep Space" from OG watches

There is a gamut of light and dark tones that truly define the Deep Space series. I wanted to build on this through the strap — a light side that flows from its silvery steel to a darker side that echoes and shades the dial.

The front side of the strap is made using modern and durable nylon, a material that would be quite practical in space, being very strong and reliable. On the reverse side, it’s combined with a much softer black calf leather, which is very comfortable to wear.

"Deep Space" from OG watches

Each of these unique straps is made by hand with a non-stitching design and quick-release spring bars, incorporating a lot of artisanal work as well as engineering and functionality

The process to making a "Deep Space" from OG watches
The process to making a "Deep Space" from OG watches

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