What is a Bund Watch Strap

The Bund Watch Strap is a watch strap style that features an extra layer of leather that covers the back of the watch case, along with a separate strap. This style not only shields the timepiece from dirt, moisture and extreme temperatures but also add protection against accidental bumps and scratches. Bund strap originally designed for military use but it gained popularity among civilians as well.

Back to World War II

The term “Bund” comes from the German word ” Bundeswehr”, which means “Federal Defense”. During World War II, the German Air Force was first introduced bund watch strap in 1940s as a solution for discomfort caused by tradition leather watch straps during combar. This style was design to be worn over the filght jacket, prevented from sliding around during flight maneuvers.
bund watch strap

Bund Watch Strap Became Popular

In the mid-20th century, specially during the 1960s and 1970s, the bund watch strap was popular and became a favorite among motosport racing drivers. Its rise in popularity can be also attributed to style icon – Steve McQueen embraced it, fueling its place in popular culture. His passion was showcased for motosports and his roles in films like “Le Mans” or “Bullitt”. Bund watch strap perfectly complemented McQueen’s daring lifestyle and became an extension of his on-screen persona.

During this time, another iconic figure for the Bund Watch strap was Nina Rindt. As the daughter of Finnish racing driver Curt Lincoln and the wife of Formula 1 driver Jochen Rindt, Nina Rindt became synonymous with the bund strap. Nina often presenced at car races, adorned her wrist with Universal Compax chronograph and bund strap, leading to the nickname “Nina Rindt” being gotten for the watch model she showcased.

Bund straps are still popular today, especially among watch enthusiasts and collectors. With various materials, colors, and styles, bund watch straps offers a wide range of options for individuals who appreciate both functionality and aesthetics in their timepieces.

Type of Bund Watch Strap

Soft Bund Single Piece

This is the very popular type of bund watch strap. Consisting of two essential parts, the base strap effortlessly wraps around your wrist, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Meanwhile, the additional protective pad provides a shield for the back of your timepiece, safeguarding it against of daily wear. 

Fixed Bund Single Part

Fixed bund single part strap has the extra lining that covers the sides of the timepiece, the same as traditional bund strap, but is is only has a single part without any separate attachments.

bund watch strap

Paul Newman Bund

The Paul Newman bund watch strap is a type of bund strap that is often worn by famous actor Paul Newman and associated with the Rolex Daytona watch. This type is typically secure with stitching along the edges and has a distinctive hole design on the leather pad.

Monster – Raptor

What sets this type of bund apart from others is its padding length. Unlike traditional styles that only offer padding below the watch face, the Monster – Raptor provides an extended padding length that fully envelops and embraces the wearer’s wrist.


From a military necessity to a fashionable accessory, bund watch strap has a rich and storied history that embraced by watch enthusiasts on over the world. Whether worn for its functional benefits or as a nod to its historical significance, the bund strap remains a beloved and iconic watch strap style.

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