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Navy Babele Leather Single Folding Watch Strap


Navy Babele Leather Single Folding Watch Strap. Babele leather strap classic 100% handmade custom straps by Vietnamese craftsmen.

A single folding watch strap, also known as a single deployant clasp or single fold-over clasp, is a type of watch strap fastening mechanism. It is designed to securely hold the two ends of the watch strap together and is often used in place of a traditional buckle or tang buckle.

Compatible : Cartier clasp, Hublot Clasp, Omega clasp …etc

Structure of Babele white leather watch bands: Babele leather main face, water-resistant and soft Zermatt specialized lining, absolute anti-irritant, Velodon specialized reinforced material (SH-220 reinforcement).

The HANDDN strap WILL NOT come with a tang buckle / Quick release spring bar. Please leave a note if you want to get a buckle/clasp.

  • Color:


  • Style:

    Single Folding

  • Lug Width (mm)

    (14-10), (15-12), (16-12), (17-14), (18 -14), (19 – 16), (20 – 16), (21 – 18), (22 – 18) (Lugs – Buckle)

  • Length:

    Short Length 90 – 80, Regular 105 – 85, Long Length 110 – 95

  • Thickness:

    2.5 – 1.2mm


Length Guide Lug Guide
Bespoke Watch Strap

babele leather watch strap

Babele Leather

Babele ! The uniqueness of "Linen" calfskin . Launched in 2020 by Tanneries Haas in France 🇫🇷 With a surface finish that mimics linen and is lightly waxed. The essence is full grain calfskin leather with a simulated Linen texture - extremely harmonious with gentlemen's suits, helping the wearer to look really elegant and attractive. Fact: A significant feature of the herbal tanner line is the patina effect over time, felt after a few months of use. Shine bright with the latest "linen calfskin" from the leather company Haas and of course with the top-quality finish from HANDDN.

Watch Band Structure

Babele Leather main face, water-resistant and soft Zermatt specialized lining. The inner part of the strap has Velodon specialized reinforced material (SH-220 reinforcement). reinforcement that helps to keep your watch firmly attached to your wrist throughout all activities. With the included premium stainless steel buckle and Quick Release Spring Bars, you get a high-quality metal clasp that won't let you down. We designed this buckle with durability and style in mind. About Quick Release Spring Bars are a unique design that allows you to swap out watch bands in seconds so you can change your band quickly and easily.
Watch Band Structure - zermatt leather
handdn crafting process 1 | Handdn - Bespoke Watchstraps

Our Crafting Process

Our handmade watch bands are handmade by a professional watch trap maker in all stage. Handmade watch band making is a process that requires a certain level of skill and experience. It involves multiple steps, and each step has its own unique challenges. from cutting the pattern to finishing touches such as edge paint and stitching.

Handdn Strap Packaging To Protect Your Strap

All watch straps are delivered in a blue Slider Box. Each product is wrapped in a shockproof paper bag and shipped with a cover zip transparent to protect your order from moisture, dust, and scratches during transportation.

Handdn packing front
Handdn packing back


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