NATO Golden Togo Lining Jean Blue Alligator Round Scales Leather Watch Strap


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NATO Golden Togo Lining Jean Blue Alligator Round Scales Leather Watch Strap 100% handmade custom straps by Vietnamese craftsmen

Structure of NATO Golden Togo Lining Jean Blue Alligator Round Scales Leather Watch Strap: Togo Leather main face, water-resistant and Alligator round scales specialized lining, absolute anti-irritant, Velodon specialized reinforced material (SH-220 reinforcement).

  • Color:


  • Lining:

    Jean Blue Alligator Round Scales

  • Style:


  • Thickness:


  • Style of stitch:

    Presile to the lug

  • Tip shape:



togo collection

Togo Leather

Soft, large grain – it is often used to make fashion products with durability and softness. It also gives you the classic and power you need when going with your watch!

Togo leather strap – Strong and smooth!

Watch Band Structure

Our NATO Leather watch strap features a premium leather main face, water-resistant and soft Zermatt lining for comfort. The inner part is reinforced with Velodon SH-220 material for added stability. The included three stainless steel rings is designed for both security and style. Enjoy a secure fit for all activities with our high-quality NATO leather watch strap.

NATO watch strap
handdn crafting process 1

Our Crafting Process

Our watch bands are meticulously crafted by a professional watch strap maker at every stage. The art of handmade watch band-making demands skill and experience, with multiple challenging steps from pattern cutting to edge painting and stitching. Each band is a unique masterpiece, showcasing the maker's dedication and attention to detail. Upgrade your watch with the timeless beauty of a handmade watch band.

Handdn Strap Packaging To Protect Your Strap

Every order of 1 to 3 watch straps is carefully packaged in a premium HANDDN envelope to ensure perfect condition upon arrival. Orders of 4 or more straps are delivered in a blue Slider Box. Each strap is securely wrapped in a shockproof paper bag and sealed in a transparent zip cover to protect against moisture, dust, and scratches during shipping.

Handdn box

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