Cream Nubuck Leather Scotland Flag Watch Strap


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Love this strap but don't find your size or want custom for your own let's try our Bespoke Watchstraps feature.

Cream Nubuck Leather Scotland Flag Watch Strap 100% handmade custom straps by Vietnamese craftsmen

Structure of Cream Nubuck Leather Scotland Flag Watch Strap: Nubuck Leather main face, water-resistant and soft Zermatt specialized lining, absolute anti-irritant, Velodon specialized reinforced material (SH-220 reinforcement).

The HANDDN nubuck watch strap will come FREE with a tang buckle / Quick release spring bar.

  • Color:


  • Style:

    Vintage (No stitching)

  • Lug – Buckle:

    (18mm -14mm), (19mm – 16mm), (20mm – 16mm), (21mm – 18mm), (22mm – 18mm)

  • Length:

    Short Length 105 – 65, Regular 115 – 75, Long Length 125 – 85

  • Lining:

    Zermatt Golden

  • Thickness:

    2.5mm – 1.8mm

Nubuck National Flag Collection 140624016 48

National Flag Collection

Crafted with meticulous attention, this new National Flag Collection features a unique stitching pattern that pays homage to the iconic flags of renowned nations. Meticulously designed for ultimate style and comfort, these straps are the perfect companion for the upcoming Euro Cup.

Special Design

The standout element is the stitching pattern, inspired by the vibrant and symbolic flags of countries, adding elegance and celebrating the rich cultural heritage uniting football fans across the continent. With the inspired by the inconic colors of the flag, you can customize the stitch in the perfect way to create a striking visual peresentation of the national flag.
Nubuck National Flag Collection 1406240131 45
nubuck leather handdn

Nubuck Leather

A smoothness from top-grained leather sanded to feel as smooth as velvet, yet highly resilient to the touch, as soft as your pet’s fur. Nubuck calfskin strap – The best feeling!

Handdn Strap Packaging To Protect Your Strap

Every order of 1 to 3 watch straps is carefully packaged in a premium HANDDN envelope to ensure perfect condition upon arrival. Orders of 4 or more straps are delivered in a blue Slider Box. Each strap is securely wrapped in a shockproof paper bag and sealed in a transparent zip cover to protect against moisture, dust, and scratches during shipping.

Handdn box

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(3-5 days)

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Continental the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand

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(3-6 days)

(US$39 base cost)

Middle East

(4-7 days)

(US$48 base cost)

Rest of World

(4-7 days)

(US$64 base cost)

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> US$450 100% Free Free Free Free Free

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