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Prequently asked questions

I have a problem when making a payment with GooglePay

This trouble frequently occurs with the preset billing address in GooglePay because the billing address you fill in before missing some required field in my checkout, such as phone number, and specific number address.

To solve this issue clearly do not pay with GooglePay on a mini cart or cart page, instead checkout with GooglePay at the checkout page to 100% successful.

If you still have problem, please, contact our team and we will be happy to help you.

Actually, i do not recommend you order by telephone (Whatsapp, SMS) or Social media (Facebook, Instagram) because it is tough to manage your order and lack of information order in my website.

But if you are busy, do not have abilities, and have trouble when ordering on the website, we will support ordering via other flatforms

Sure, if your create an account in my website you can check all your orders in here

if you do not have an account you can check your order by Email and orderID in here