Return & Refund FAQs

We are certain that you will be pleased with your purchase, but if there is a problem and you need to return an item, don’t worry; we have been selling online for over a decade and have a return policy.

What is your return policy?
  • HANDDN accepts product returns.
  • Term of exchange: 1 week from the date you receive the product or as soon as you discover the error when receiving the goods.
  • Conditions apply: Applicable to all products due to defects from the manufacturer HANDDN (HANDDN always ensures the product you receive is the most accurate from the color and other specifications at least 90% compared to Photos are posted – due to force majeure due to the actual material and light, the actual product has a deviation of less than 10%).
  • Conditions do not apply: Not applicable to orders placed for 3rd parties (gifts) for reasons of not liking the color, thickness, material … except for technical errors.
  • Return method: When you discover defective products not as ordered, please notify HANDDN immediately.
    Email[email protected]
    To conduct error verification and exchange: Compensation for a new order is completely free or resend the goods with Tracking to HANDDN to edit and resend the order to you after editing (all costs will be refunded). paid by HANDDN ).
  • Response time: HANDDN will give you the fastest response to your return request on the day.
  • Return Cost: will depend on each case Handdn will support 50% of the return cost or all.

If you have not received notification that we have dispatched your purchase, please use the contact page as soon as possible to arrange a cancellation.

If you got a shipping notice, you must go through the returns process after you get your order.